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Direct Current (DC) technology offers huge opportunities to contribute to our actual challenges such as decarbonation of energy and speed of electrification of our world.
DC technology plays a very important role in the adoption of distributed electrical resources while limiting the power demand on public electrical grid. 

The Current OS protocol works on DC technology.

for electrical distribution.

The Current OS protocol defines energy management rules to make microgrids easy to control. It also enables a very opportunistic behavior of the microgrid to make the most of available electrical resources and power the loads according to their priority.

The Current OS defines the communication model to open the door to software interaction with the electrical system. However, the intrinsic structure of Current OS microgrids makes fully resilient to communication losses and cyber-attacks. The Current OS protocol solves the usual objections raised against DC electrical distribution and makes the best use of DC intrinsic features to offer a very high safety to people and assets.


The Current OS protocol specifies the current profiles at circuit connection, precharge and disconnection in order to allow black start and avoid nuisance tripping. It specifies the tripping criteria for detection of short circuit fault, earth leakage faults, serial arc fault, while ensuring bi-directional selectivity.

It specifies the safety wire function that safely de-energize microgrid sections for maintenance purposes. And the Current OS protocol defines EMC requirements for all connected devices.


The Current OS protocol defines operating voltages and limits. It specifies the circuits voltage response and voltage dependent prioritization service with either on/off thresholds or linear adjustment of the power use/supply of the circuit.

It specifies how to calibrate the devices, how to compensate line losses and voltage drops.

And it explains how to influence the loads and sources behavior beyond initial settings.

Energy Management is distributed at the circuit level to reach the highest resiliency and the most opportunistic behavior.

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